Seating comfort your Business

Business class passengers have revealed through an online review that seat comfort and access to Wi-Fi are the two most important facilities whilst on board a flight. The online poll conducted by Corporate Traveller provided eight options for participants to choose from including, access to Wi-Fi, in-flight entertainment, food and beverage service, friendly cabin crew, cabin seat comfort, comfort kits, luggage grant and reading materials.

The online poll open that from the 282 participants, seat comfort (51 per cent) is the most important feature for business travellers followed by access to Wi-Fi (22 per cent) food and beverage (nine per cent) in-flight entertainment (six per cent) friendly cabin crew (five per cent) luggage allowance (four per cent) reading materials (two per cent) and in-flight comfort kits (one per cent).
According to the study the least important products offered by airlines were in-flight amenity kits which received only one per cent of votes.
“Our business travellers have rated most greatly the three items that are going to help them focus on their core tasks as soon as they land,” Corporate Traveller national marketing manager Chris Preston said.
“Businesses should consider the type of business airfares their travellers are booking, buying the right type of airfare for each trip is an important plan for organisations seeking maximum return on investment for their spend on business travel.

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