Spirit Airlines Passengers Nominal $ 34 in Expenses to Buy Tickets Online

The Spirit Airlines Inc. passengers are now facing almost $ 34 in fees just to buy your tickets online.

The only way most customers can avoid the cost is going to the airport and wait in line to see a travel agent there.

The budget airline announced basic fares as low as $ 9, but then charges passengers for everything from the placement of a handbag in the overhead compartment for a glass of water on board. In January it plans to start charging $ 5 for each boarding pass printing a travel agent.

"It's one of the highest hidden in the industry," said George Hobica, founder of watchdog Airfare. It notes that the Spirit of the lists of generic-sounding "passenger usage fee" along with the taxes imposed by the government and fees. "It's very sincere. It looks like an inevitable cost."

On 8 November Miramar Florida. the company increased the fee for passenger line domestic flights from $ 8.99 each way for $ 16.99, according to spokeswoman Misty Pinson. The international rate fell $ 2 each way for $ 16.99.

The passenger usage fee is charged to anyone who buys tickets online, which is the bulk of sales of the Spirit. The fee can be avoided by buying a ticket at the airport. Nor is loaded on flights out of Colombia or Panama.

The only U.S. airline another charge such a fee is all company travel agent. Passengers face a $ 17 fee to book a round trip ticket.

Quota of spirit could be 40 percent or more of the total price of a ticket. For example, a fee of $ 14 each way between Detroit and New York, including $ 21. 40 in federal taxes and security fees and $ 33.98 usage fee.

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