Air Fares Caption for the Skies

Air travellers are flying into trouble everyday, and this is not just about commotion. By Tuesday, the average air fare had risen to N28,000 for one hour flight. Those travelling to popular destinations such as the well-known “triangle” – Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt – could be subjected to random increase in business airfares by the airlines. A passenger who purchased a ticket by noon for N28,000 may have saved N3,000, compared to another passenger who purchased a like ticket to the same destination one hour later at N31,000. 

Airline sources have predicted that fares may go up to N40,000 for one hour flight on economy in the next three weeks, considering how the operators are rival on hikes. Even now, Aero Contractors sold its Tuesday business class tickets at N41.500 and its economy seat at N31,000, which is inching closer to N40,000. Airline operators had accused the marketers of operating alliance and fixing prices that are insulated from the actual landing price of the product, but the marketers which have muffled competition among themselves held the airlines by the jugular and seemed to have given them no choice but to also increase the air fares.

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